Letters: Can anyone shed light on biplane?

Can anyone shed any light on mystery biplane visit to Scarborough?
Can anyone shed any light on mystery biplane visit to Scarborough?

I was saddened to hear of the death of Ross Tyson, a real sea dog and true Yorkshireman.

I would often chat to Ross at his favourite morning haunt, The Sunshine Café opposite the harbour. His down to earth sense of humour was typically displayed when he was telling me about one of his visits to hospital. A nurse asked him how much water he drank in a day. His reply was, “watter? I’ve never drunk watter in mi life.”

He always had a selection of photographs and memorabilia of Scarborough, one of which was quite a mystery. It was a photograph of a large biplane flying boat moored in our harbour,

Ross could tell me nothing about it. “I can tell thee most things about boats but know nowt about aeroplanes,” was his comment. I was able to identify the aeroplane as a Short Singapore, one of the huge biplane flying boats which protected our coast in the years prior to the war. The photo would have been taken at a guess in the mid 1930s and with a 90ft wing span would have been a tricky manoeuvre to get into the harbour.

As chairman of Scarborough Historical Aircraft Club I would love to know more about this, was it here because it had had a technical failure or was it on some sort of goodwill visit? If any of our readers can tell me anything about it I would be delighted to hear from them, The Scarborough News incidentally having no record of this either.

I can be contacted at bruce@malcs70.plus.com with any information. Thank you.

Malcolm Smith

Osgodby Way, Osgodby