Letters: Don’t blame the pupils for strategies

Students are the real ones to suffer.
Students are the real ones to suffer.

Re the article on Graham school and the public comments which mention the headteacher’s early retirement and possible financial package:

I understand such public frustration but I think we often forget the students, who are the real ones to suffer.

I work with schools across the country helping to improve literacy, life skills and behaviour.

I’m passionate about literacy and inclusion for children from all backgrounds including one of our most excluded groups in education ... white British working class boys.

Poor results and some of the spurious explanations for them do get me very annoyed, especially when I think behind every statistic is a child or young person, who is not only struggling with their education but also missing out on future life chances.

If whatever you are doing isn’t working don’t just keep doing it, try something else and let students work on empowering and inspiring projects that build on what they already know, and transport them to new exciting places.

Richard O’Neill


Bury, nr Manchester