Letters: Will MP tackle air pollution?

We need to know MP's views on a number of environmental issues.
We need to know MP's views on a number of environmental issues.

Filey and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake’s reaction to his appointment at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs raises questions. While farming, food and fishing are indeed important to the area, he made not a mention of the big E, which is the first word in his department’s title!

We need to know his views on a number of environmental issues. We already know he is pro-fracking, so does that mean he will ignore people’s concerns on issues such as pollution?

There is a growing car pollution issue in local towns and villages where queuing traffic frequently breeches current nitrogen oxide emissions limits.

Both locally and nationally nothing is being done to reduce 40,000 deaths annually associated with breathing problems.

This impacts on the NHS and the economy to the tune of £20 billion annually.

The government is legally obliged to reduce pollution, but shockingly failed to ensure pollution meets legal limits.

UK courts have given ministers a deadline of July 31 to publish their Final Air Quality Plan.

So I am challenging Mr Hollinrake to show he hasn’t dismissed the environment by pushing for strict measures to clean up our air.

If he needs help he can check out the list of recommendations at Friends of the Earth.

Tom Farrell

Lairs Lane