Matt Conner: How to cure the slice and push

Matt Conner
Matt Conner

I was messaged yesterday by a Scarborough News reader with a request to write a simple drill which will give you one thought when swinging the club that will cure shots which slice and push.

The majority of golfers are affected by this problem and a simple drill you can use will help cure the bad shot and it will also help improve the quality of strike when you are hitting the ball.

The hand clap drill will help you learn the proper arm release through impact. This is how the hands work relative to each other as the body turns toward the target.

Take your set up position, without a golf club, with your arms extended and hands together.

Not moving the left arm, swing your right arm back like you would in the backswing then swing the arm back down like you would in the downswing.

Now clap your left hand with the right hand simulating impact with the ball. The left hand should now turn over so that its palm faces up and the knuckles should face the ground.

This rotation will help keep your clubface square at impact, helping to reduce the slice and push.

That is the proper release through impact.

Keep repeating the drill as many times as you need to learn the move.

Once you have gained the feeling you require now go ahead and hit some shots trying to repeat the same movement whilst holding the club.

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