Medieval knights do battle for new members

A ONCE mysterious and powerful medieval order is holding a meeting in Filey next month in a bid to add new members to its ranks.

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, better known as the Knights Templar, are holding their meeting in the town, at the Masonic Hall on February 18.

And the group, which was once one of the most powerful in the whole of Europe, could be making a resurgence, with members joining from every corner of the planet.

Templar member and Filey resident Russ Kelly, said: “We have only just had someone from Canada join us. We have had interest from places all over the world, including Australia and Japan.

“To be honest, I’ve been amazed by the response we have had, and I’m expecting a very good turnout for the meeting.”

He described what non-members can expect from the meeting next month, adding: “Basically there will be a talk given, news about the order and background on what we do, where the group came from and where it’s going.”

The group hold regular meetings, and also visit other branches.

And Mr Kelly has asked any local medieval groups, in particular those centred around medieval weaponry and swordsmanship, to get in touch so that they can give a presentation to members.

The Templar are hoping to receive regular presentations, and demonstrations, on topics such as medieval battle techniques, and he states he has “big plans for the group.”

Anybody interested in either attending the meeting next month should contact Mr Kelly on 07799879672,