Meeting on health proposals

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THE fight to retain Hunmanby Clinic will intensify on Monday during a highly anticipated meeting with health chiefs.

Angry residents’ and local workers can quiz NHS Locality Director Simon Cox about the loss of the village’s Hungate Lane clinic, which dramatically closed last year.

The debate has been organised by Cllr Nick Harvey who said people want answers over the latest NHS restructuring plans and about funding for the delayed doctors surgery in Sands Lane.

Cllr Harvey previously attended a meeting with health bosses - who banned the press - to fight to save Hunmanby Clinic in the midst of the village’s alarming health record which saw it have to cope with some of the UK’s highest levels of disease.

He said: “I started training to be a nurse in the mid 1980s, a key part of the training then was to aim to keep people healthy in the community, talk to people, listen and support self health groups.

“Where has it all gone wrong?

“I am appalled at how the NHS don’t want the press at meetings when they are talking with the public, and try to prevent the public attending by just wanting invited stakeholders.

“It is our National Health Service and of the £1 billion spent in the Scarborough borough each year, over half is on health.”

The meeting will take place in Spring Cafe, in Stonegate, from 11am.

In an attempt to ease the strain caused by the closure of the clinic, Cllr Harvey has also hired two rooms at Hunmanby Community Centre on Saturday, March 19, with the doctor’s surgery staff on hand to give blood pressure and weight checks.

The aim is to encourage people who have not had a health check for a number of years to have a check-up while promoting a wide range of groups to bring the community closer together.

Cllr Harvey added: “It is time for the NHS to invest in this village. If you invest in health, improving the quality of life especially for those with long term illnesses, in the long term it saves the NHS money.

“If you involve people, it is a very good way of cutting down on waste, from prescriptions that are not used to NHS equipment that is left in the community.

“I’m concerned that those in power are dismantling our village bit by bit so they think we won’t notice it.

“Just like our campaign to save the library, we will need to be both vocal and persistent to retain and develop health provision.

Anyone who wants to find out more about Monday’s meeting or the health events can contact Cllr Harvey on (01723) 890453.