Memorial benches vandalised

MINDLESS vandals have thrown three commemorative benches over the edge of the sun lounge in Crescent Gardens, Filey.

The seats were destroyed between midnight last Saturday and 8am on Monday, causing more than 2,000 damage. Yobs also pulled down a large section of fencing at Queen Street gardens, worth about 500.

The latest episode follows two others in which vandals damaged benches in the same area, throwing one off the sun lounge on to the tarmac below.

The benches are maintained by Filey Town Council on behalf of Scarborough Council and are worth more than 500 each, plus the cost of reinstalling them.

Filey town clerk Gina Robinson said: "It's quite an insensitive thing for people to do because people have purchased these seats in memory of a loved one." The town council is currently contacting the owners.