Now that's an order!

Felicity Montagu - Mrs Mainwaring
Felicity Montagu - Mrs Mainwaring

Mrs Mainwaring has given her orders to Dad's Army fans ahead of the film's general release.

Actress Felicity Montagu spoke to the Free Press at the regional premiere of the film in Bridlington ahead of the film's box office release on 5 February.

Dad's Army film poster

Dad's Army film poster

She said: "It is very exciting. I hope everyone goes to see it, that's my order!"

Shot at a number of locations in Yorkshire, including Cloughton, Ryedale, Beverley, Bridlington, including the Old Town, Flamborough and Whitby, residents and visitors flocked to catch a glimpse of filming in action.

The 55-year-old, who is most famous for her role as Lynn in the BBC comedy I'm Alan Partridge, admits to being a little starstruck when filming started.

"It is exceptionally good fun to film," said Felicity. "From the top there was a wonderful spirit with the cast and crew. It was a great experience.

"I had to take a huge breathe before stepping on set to be working with legends such as Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon and Catherine Zeta-Jones."

Felicity plays Mrs Mainwaring, a new character who did not appear in the sitcom, and she spoke about how she has enjoyed being able to make the character her own.

"Mrs Mainwaring is controlling and probably a very good officer," she said. "She runs her own platoon and is a good character, solid and dependable. I absolutely loved playing the role because all my family were in the army.

"It was also great to return to Yorkshire. I know the area and coming back has reminded me of what a beautiful place the east coast is with the wonderful cliffs and the sea."

The Dad's Army film will be available in selected cinemas from tomorrow (Friday 5 February).