Filey Rolls Royce turns up in Texas barn

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A PERFECTLY preserved 77-year-old Rolls Royce from Filey has been discovered in a barn – nearly 5,000 miles away in Texas.

The 1934 Rolls Royce 20/25 Touring Saloon, potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, was found covered in dust in an old barn in Lake Jackson, a farming community approximately 50 miles south of Houston.

The astonishing find was made by a tow-truck driver after he received a routine call to remove the car from a distressed housewife, who believed the car to be junk.

Since the find, its lineage has been traced all the way back to its original owner, Miss E Burrows, who lived at 90 West Avenue and paid the then princely sum of £4,534 for the vehicle.

Fast forward to 1989 and the vintage machine was being driven around Beverly Hills by a famous radio DJ named Ron Engleman.

However, its whereabouts between those dates are a mystery, and now Texan Jim Kreutz, who has a huge interest in so-called ‘barn finds’, is desperately trying to piece together those missing years and how the car ended up thousands of miles away across the Atlantic.

“You would have a better chance of spending a weekend in Monte Carlo with Elizabeth Hurley than you would finding a mid-1930s Rolls Royce in an American barn,” he said, describing the rarity of the find, adding: “Sightings of a 70-year-old Rolls on the road in the States are extremely rare. Finding one in a barn? It will never happen again. Cars like this are normally stored in a museum.”

Mr Kreutz has now started making inroads in his attempts to trace the family of Miss Burrows.

He has made several attempts to contact people in the town sharing her surname, with some incorrectly believing the call to be a scam due to the implausibility of the story.

So far, he has had little success, but has called on the Mercury to help trace the family of Miss Burrows, and to help write the final chapter of a remarkable story.

All that is known about her is her address and that she lived in the town.

Mr Kreutz said: “This story is not complete without knowing who Miss E Burrows was, how old was she when she purchased the Rolls, what attracted her to this auto and what became of her?

“Until these questions can be answered, the story is incomplete. A photograph of her might tell more about her than the words of friends or relatives.

“I would appreciate any help in this effort.”

If anybody has any information about either Miss Burrows or the car, contact the Mercury on 01723 383809 or email