Horror as ‘hanged’ fox found dead in garden

The dead fox, caught in the fence in Filey
The dead fox, caught in the fence in Filey

A man’s spoke of his shock after the grizzly discovery of a “hanged” fox in his garden following a freak accident.

The macabre find was made on Friday morning, at a property in Almond Close, Filey.

Tragically, the animal appears to have become wedged in a fence overnight, plowing headfirst into the gap likely chasing an animal, or fleeing from another.

The incident has been described as a “million to one” accident, in which the fox’s head perfectly slotted into the space between the gap.

And the man who made the grim early morning discovery has said he had hoped the death of the wild animal had been instantaneous.

“It’s just a horrible way to go,” said the Filey resident, who has asked not to be named.

“I looked out of the window, and there was a fox just hanging there. It was awful.

“It’s difficult to say just how it’s happened. It seems like it was being chased by a cat or something, but it was at night. We have a cat and cats are usually indoors then.

“I just hope that it was instant, and that it’s neck broke rather than choking.”

The RSPCA was called, and Scarborough Council is due to remove the animal.