Park plans for a pool and gym

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A LEBBERSTON holiday park has unveiled plans to build a new swimming pool and gym.

The proposals, revealed by the Flower of May Holiday Park, include two timber cabin-style units for use by staff.

A statement from the park’s planning consultants, Edwardson Associates, abated fears over negative changes to the landscape from the development.

It said: “The proposed buildings have been designed so as to minimise any additional impacts on the appearance of the wider landscape.

“It will be seen very much as a fully integrated part of the built development associated with the park.”

The report also highlighted previous fears over potential flooding and said moves had been made to nullify such threat.

It added: “Surface water will be directed to soakaways, therefore ensuring a gradual percolation to ground.

“This will prevent any additional flows into the existing lake and prevent any potential for surface water to be discharged outside of the site.”