Petition drives bid to bring back late bus

A disgruntled resident has stepped up the campaign to bring a late-night bus service back to Filey.

Karen Trueman, of Cayton Bay, is starting a petition to bring back the late service following an article in the Mercury last week.

Filey Conservative Club landlord Steve Smith called for the bus to return to the town, claiming the decision by bosses at East Yorkshire Motor Services to scrap the late buses was costing him in excess of £5,000 a year in trade.

After the bus leaves Filey, it stops in Cayton before finishing its journey in Scarborough.

And Mrs Trueman said: “We are desperate for a late bus service.

“My daughter works in town until 9pm or 10pm, and she is then unable to catch a bus home.

“She uses another service to Eastfield, which has two buses running up to 11.10pm, and I then have to drive into Eastfield to collect her.

“I do this to keep her safe. Surely we should have a bus service. Young people living in these areas cannot go out as they are unable to get home. “

She added that there is
“high demand” for a late bus service among residents who use it.

However, speaking to the Mercury last week, EYMS boss Bob Rackley said that “lack of use” was the main reason the service was initially scrapped.

He did add that the company would reconsider the service if there was substantial public 

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