Pilot tells of plane crash escape

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A PILOT walked away without a scratch after he crash-landed his plane in a field near Hunmanby.

John Brompton, 62, had just a minute to land his single-seater light aircraft after his engine malfunctioned leaving the plane completely without power at 1,500 feet.

He picked a field around a mile south of Hunmanby, close to the Wold Top Brewery, and after making an emergency May-day call touched down in a crop field.

A helicopter, the ambulance service, firefighters and police raced to the scene, but found Mr Brompton, of Bridlington, safe and well.

Following the dramatic landing at around 2:30pm last Sunday, he said: “I was at 1,500ft and the engine just stopped. I checked the instruments and nothing was untoward – the drive belt from the engine to the fuel pump had gone. Then it was just a matter of making the emergency call and picking a field.

“The landing was surprisingly smooth. I was expecting the plane to turn over, but it came to a stop after about 50 yards.”

Mr Brompton, who was in the RAF for 36 years and has 45 years of flying experience, bought the Slingsby Tipsy Nipper T-66 aircraft after he retired. He now flies for fun two or three times a week.