Plans for CCTV in town taxis

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TAXI drivers in the Filey area may soon have their vehicles fitted with CCTV after increasing concerns over safety.

The proposal was unveiled at a meeting of Scarborough Council’s Licensing Committee, and if passed, would see security methods installed in all Hackney carriages.

In a report to fellow Scarborough Council’s licensing officers, Mark Heaton recommended a six week consultation period be undertaken to finalise a suitable policy.

He said: “The outcome of consultation with interested parties will assist officers in developing a fair and appropriate policy in relation to CCTV in licensed vehicles.

“The licensing authority is required to ensure the safety of people travelling within its licensed vehicles and a number of drivers have made enquiries to ascertain whether the authority have objections to CCTV being fitted inside vehicles.

Attention was brought to risks of passengers not being aware they were being filmed.

However, the committee accepted the report, with public consultation running until Monday, April 18.

According to the committee minutes, the proposed system conditions will be added as an appendix to the council’s Taxi and Private Hire Policy and, if appropriate, an additional condition will be added regarding when the camera should be switched on.