Plans for turbine at farm site

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PLANS have been unveiled for a new wind turbine in the Flixton countryside.

The turbine, which would be erected at Danebury Manor Farm, would stand 24 metres high.

The proposal is estimated to be able to provide 217,000 kWh to power for the farm’s energy demands.

A statement from Earthmill Renewables Energy Solutions, who submitted the plans, said the turbine would not cause any visual or noise implications for nearby residents.

It said: “The turbine would be visible and would to an extent change the appreciation of this site.

“However, this does not necessarily equate to unacceptable harm and this change in vista must be balanced against guidance encouraging renewable energy.

“There would be some changes in the landscape character but these would be relatively minor and confined to the micro scale and the key characteristics such as the rounded, rolling hills, with big skies and long views from the escarpment.

“It would be positioned approximately 500 metres from the nearest residential property and be in between tree belt and farm buildings.”

A decision on the plans will be made later this year by Scarborough Council.