Pledge to tackle parking problems

PARKING attendants from Scarborough Council have pledged to spend 12 hours a week in Hunmanby following a raft of complaints about problem parking in the village and lack of enforcement.

The pledge has come just as the new parking restrictions in Bridlington Street come into force, along with the decriminalisation of the council’s parking scheme.

The long-awaited double yellow lines are due to go down on Monday, meaning drivers will only be able to park on one side of Bridlington Street and there will be new restrictions at the top of Hungate Lane.

Speaking at Wednesday night’s meeting of Hunmanby Parish Council, PCSO Simon Clapcott said he believed the enforcement agencies “should be doing more” about the parking problem, although he said there was “very little” the police could do themselves.

However, following a site meeting involving the police, a parking attendant and parish councillor Karen Hubbard, an agreement was reached to secure more time spent in the village by the council’s parking attendants.

Cllr Hubbard said: “They said where they can enforce, they will, and it’s up to us to pursue them. At the moment all they’ve done is drive through the village and stop where there’s a problem. They’re now going to do three half-days a week.”

Councillors said the main problem remained dangerous parking at the junction of Bridlington Street and Hungate Lane, with Cllr Edwina Shachar highlighting the inconsiderate behaviour of some blue badge holders.

PCSO Clapcott said blue badge holders would not be allowed to park on the new double yellow lines under any circumstances, and that would be down to the parking attendants to enforce.

The parish council heard the attendants would be coming to the village during peak times, such as before school and work and about tea time, when most of the problems occur.

Issues were also raised about parking outside Hunmanby Primary School, where there have been calls to get tough on drivers who block the school entrances or park on grass verges.

The parish council said it would like to see zig-zag lines and a ‘school: no parking’ sign painted on the road and bollards installed to stop people parking on the grass verges at Wrangham Drive.

Cllr Hubbard said enforcement was only possible when this was done - as it had been at the other two entrances to the school.

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