Police meeting scrapped at last minute after snow

A meeting to discuss issues with crime in Filey was scrapped at the last minute after a sudden fall of snow in the town.

The Filey Community and Police Group meeting was shelved only hours before it was due to start last Wednesday evening.

The meeting, which was scheduled to take place at the Filey Town Council Chambers, was cancelled by new chairman Mel Playforth after a number of apologies were received due to the sudden bad weather conditions.

The meetings are held every three months, and allow residents to grill police officers in the town regarding issues they have with crime or policing.

The latest meeting was set to feature a presentation to guests outlining how the borough council’s CCTV system works.

Local police officers were set to be in attendance to offer a report on crime incidents in the town.

The next scheduled meeting is set to take place in February.

However, it’s currently unknown whether the cancelled meeting will be re-scheduled before then.

Recent released crime figures, published by North Yorkshire Police, have shown that crime levels are up in the town compared to the exact same period as last year.