A new lead on dog ban orders

DOG owners in Filey are set to be put on a tighter lead under new rules.

Scarborough Council has unveiled new dog control orders for the town which could come into force early next year.

The move will limit where dog walkers can exercise their pets right across Filey throughout the year in a bid to keep the town tidy.

Under the rules, dog walkers will be banned from exercising their pets throughout the year in:

l Filey Cemetery

l Memorial Gardens

l Northcliffe Gardens

l The paddling pool in Crescent Hill

Dogs are again banned between May 1 and September 30 from entering the town’s golden sands between Royal Parade and Coble Landing to keep the beach in pristine condition for the summer tourist boom.

The proposals also limit dogs to exercised on their leads in:

l Clarence Drive playing field

l Crescent Gardens

l Glen Gardens

l Southdene Bowling Green

l Filey Country Park

l Filey Town Hall Gardens

l Filey Parish Wood

l Belle Vue Street, John Street, Hope Street, Murray Street, Union Street and West Avenue

The changes have been welcomed by Filey Town Council, though members reserved some caution over the policing of the rules.

Cllr John Haxby said: “You can have as many rules as you want.

“However, I was in town with my dog on a lead the other day and saw the dog warden drive past.

“As I turned into Crescent Gardens I saw a woman with three dogs not on a lead.

“If you have these rules, you have got to enforce them.”

Cllr John Shackleton concurred, adding: “What we need is an officer in Filey to police these rules.”

The changes have been sent out for consultation which runs until February when a final decision is expected to be made.