Beach chalets set for fee hike

TWO major Filey holiday attractions face a hike in prices.

The town’s popular beach chalets and Filey Brigg Country Park are set to be hit by rises from April next year.

Scarborough Council has blamed the increases on tough budget demands and the need for the chalets to meet their true market value.

Under the plans, maximum annual lettings for original chalets in Filey will rise from £689.60 to £751.70 from April 1.

Peak letting prices will also increase from £116.25 to £126.80, with off peak weekly fees hitting £46.95 from this year’s £43.40.

However, the town’s new chalets will receive a slight reduction, dropping from £725.90 to £719.20.

The changes will also affect Filey Brigg Country Park, with peak pitches for caravans, motor homes and tents hitting £23 - an increase of 50p from this year.

The council has also introduced proposals to raise prices for additional services at the park, with deposits for a hook up cable doubling to £20 and charges for using washing machines and clothes dryers lifted to £2.50 and £2 respectively.

A report from Brian Bennett, Scarborough Council’s head of tourism and culture, said the increases were an unfortunate necessity in the current financial climate.

He said: “It is custom and practice to have an annual increase in fees and charges to offset inflationary costs of running the service.

“All fees and charges have been increased to a level that is deemed reasonable with consideration given to the quality and quantity of service provided.

“The beach chalets have extensive waiting lists for annual lets and this demonstrates an over-demand, indicating the current fees are below the market value.

“The former all encompassing fees for tents at Filey Brigg Caravan Park has been divided to recognise the difference in size between hiking tents and family tents.”