Delayed centre: Still no date set

A DATE has still not been set for the opening of the heavily-delayed Hunmanby Youth Centre.

This comes despite assurances by members of the Hunmanby Young People’s Organisation (HYPO) that advancements would be announced by Hunmanby Parish Council this week.

It was announced at the meeting by the Chairman of the group, Lavinia Kirk, that the centre “is nearly open”.

However, she added that the newly christened Eddie Neesom centre is still without electricity, and that it still needs decorating.

The centre has been plagued by false starts after it was initially announced that it would open last November.

Speaking to HYPO member Liz Mullin earlier this month, the former parish councillor, who resigned over the now resolved boiler issue, stated that a concrete announcement regarding the opening of the centre would be made at the parish council meeting this week.

She said at the time that she was unable to go into detail as to what was delaying the announcement of an opening date.

However, despite assurances, and clear progress in resolving issues, such as the boiler, no date has been given to the Mercury.

The paper attempted to contact both Ms Mullin and Ms Kirk this week for comment, however, we were unsuccessful.

Ms Mullin has previously blamed the delay of the building on “problems with the building work”.

The parish council unanimously approved plans this week to name the centre after Mr Neesom, who stepped in to save the troubled project last year with a generous cash donation of £25,000.

Before that, HYPO members had unsuccessfully attempted to raise the money themselves for over five years.

Both Ms Mullin and Ms Kirk sensationally resigned from the council last year over a dispute over the scrapping fee for the old council boiler.