BOROUGH councillors in Filey and Hunmanby all retained their seats after yesterday’s dramatic election.

Filey trio Cllr Mike Cockerill, Cllr Sam Cross and Cllr Colin Haddington eased back into the role after rival candidate Keith Wood withdrew from the ballot.

Cllr Godfrey Allanson and Cllr Nick Harvey also comfortably retained their seats in the Hertford ward.

There were a number of major changes across the Scarborough borough as councillors felt the wrath of voters opinion.

However, the results in Filey and the Hertford ward were comprehensive victories, with each candidate telling the Mercury they were looking forward to providing a wealth of positivity for the area during the next four years.

Cllr Cockerill picked up the highest tally of the Filey count with 1,281 votes, with Cllr Cross gaining 1,078 and Conservative Cllr Colin Haddington receiving 1,015 votes.

Despite the lack of a meaningful contest, Independent Cllrs Cockerill and Cross remained delighted to be returning to their borough duties, and were fully committed to propelling the needs of Filey people to the forefront.

Cllr Cross, who recently ended his tenure with Filey Town Council, said the result gave him great pride.

He said: “I’m absolutely delighted and chuffed to pieces to be honest.

“I would really like to thank the people of Filey for their support and will continue to work as hard for the town

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the people’s interests as I have in the last four years.”

“Although I’m not in Filey Town Council now I am still going to be working on Scarborough Council for the local people to make sure we get a fair share from the borough for Filey.”

Cllr Mike Cockerill, who is also chairman of the Filey Flood Working Group, reiterated the desire to propel Filey

He said: “I will be carrying on trying to get the best for Filey in the next four years.

“With all the changes it is going to interesting to see the outcome.”

In the Hertford ward, which covers the Hunmanby area, Cllr Harvey and Cllr Allanson both comfortably retained their roles for another four years.

Cllr Harvey, representing the Green party, notched up votes 1,192 votes to claim outright victory.

He said: “I’m pleased that a great number of people came out to vote and am grateful for their support.

“I am looking forward to continuing to serve the people and the needs of the area”

Cllr Harvey also pledged to abide by the vote recall system allowing voters the opportunity to call him back during the next term and re-elect another candidate.

Cllr Allanson gained 902 votes and said he was thrilled to have four further years on the borough authority.

He said: “I’m pleased to be serving the Hertford ward again because it remains an absolute pleasure and I shall continue to work as hard as I have previously done.

“I would also like to congratulate Nick Harvey because he has run a great campaign and hope we can work together in the future.

“He really feels for the place and has worked hard and I hope we can work as a team for the Hertford ward.”