Fresh moves on new town estate

Field on Muston Road, Filey. Ready for housing development. 113503d. Pic Kevin Allen
Field on Muston Road, Filey. Ready for housing development. 113503d. Pic Kevin Allen

A MAJOR 300-home scheme in Filey has moved closer to fruition.

Developers Coast and Country have submitted fresh plans outlining crime prevention measures on the Muston Road site.

Scarborough Council planning chiefs implemented the provision earlier this year which barred any work on the site until demands were satisfied.

The move, which also included a string of further technical conditions, was enforced by the authority to ensure the development matched its aesthetic and practical brief for the area.

A report from KRP Associates, on behalf of Coast and Country, said the estate would include sufficient anti-crime measures.

It said: “To reduce the potential for crime, the four internal routes are as short as possible.

“They will be suitably landscaped but not to the point of allowing hiding places, will be well illuminated and be well overlooked by natural surveillance.

“The tree-lined boulevard will have appropriate tree species with a sufficient height for surveillance and although the response of residents cannot be accurately predicted, the housing layout will provide more potential reporters of crime.

“The development’s range of dwellings will allow for a mix of people of different ages, lifestyle and economic status.

“This avoids concentrations of groups such as people that may be more likely to offend, to be targeted as victims.”

The move comes after Coast and Country recently submitted plans for a highly criticised drainage system to service the estate.

The study, carried out by Yorkshire Water, revealed proposals to build a new sewer to transfer surface water via Martins Ravine that could cater for a one in a 100-year storm and 30 per cent climate change.

The estate will feature 60 homes to rent and a further 60 for shared ownership, with 180 properties on the open market.

Coast and Country have also appointed chartered surveyor John Holmes, 56, to oversee the development.