Questions need answering

A waste of time and money.
A waste of time and money.

Third Energy expected their test frack to have been completed by Christmas at Kirby Misperton, yet they still await the final sign off from Greg Clarke as their finances are investigated.

How has this happened?

Why did they bring large numbers of vehicles through my village to get everything in place to frack before the final sign off by government?

Why did they bring in a huge rig and complete a workover of the well before the hydraulic fracture plan was signed off?

So now, after the immense cost of policing the protests and facilitating Third Energy’s traffic movements onto the site, we see important pieces of equipment leaving as the process is no longer imminent.

What a waste of my taxes paying for the policing and monitoring of this since September.

The Environment Agency and North Yorkshire County Council planning department have been stretched to monitor just this one well and fracking hasn’t even started.

Hazel Winter

Main Street

Kirby Misperton