Residents invited to apply for cash after money returned

Hunmanby is set to benefit from a small windfall after it was announced that the money invested by the parish council into the now defunct Southern Parish Cluster is set to be withdrawn.

Approximately £6,000 is set to be returned to Hunmanby Parish Council following their withdrawal from the scheme.

And, as the money belongs to the parish council, the cash will only be spent on projects in Hunmanby for residents of the village.

Hertford ward representative and parish council chairman Cllr Michelle 
Donohue-Moncrieff, said the development was “good news” for the village.

She added: “The money will be spent in the village, which is good news for Hunmanby.

“This can really help make a difference.”

She added that the authority plan on inviting applications from residents in the village as to how the money could and should be spent.

“It’s about getting people in the village involved, and asking them to put their thinking caps on to come up with something that can make a difference to Hunmanby.”

Details are yet to be made available as to how residents can apply for the money.

However, it’s understood that all applications will have to be formally submitted 
to Scarborough Borough Council.