Roy conjures up real magic in new book

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A HUNMANBY magician is set to launch his new book at an international magic convention.

Roy Field, 71, of Castle Hill, will be showcasing his latest creation, Linking Britain, at the British Ring Convention in Southport later this month.

The 60-page book is a guide to the history of magic in the UK.

However, alongside the guide is a written trip back in time, which features several pictures and illustrations of magic and the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Mr Field said: “The book isn’t for everybody, but my friends in magic have already read it, and the response has been very warm.”

Mr Field is still a member of the magic circle, and despite hanging up his wand a few years back, he does still occasionally perform.

However, he said his main focus now is writing on the history of magic, and he’s hoping the book will receive as warm a response when it is launched at the convention.

He added: “I’m expecting around about 900 to attend, and they will be coming from all over the world, including America and the Netherlands, where there is a large magical community.

“I just hope people enjoy it and learn something from the book.”