Royal Wedding

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ann hall.jpg

MILLIONS of people may have watched the glamourous ceremony live on television, but one Filey woman managed to get a more personal view of proceedings.

Anne Hall, of Scarborough Road, travelled down to the capital with friend Wendy Cox to witness the marriage close hand.

The duo - bedecked in Union Jack paraphernalia - set up a mini camp on The Mall opposite Clarence House to catch the action and managed to get a front row view of proceedings.

Mrs Hall previously attending the Royal weddings of Diana and Prince Charles and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

However, she said the spectacle of seeing Prince William and Catherine Middleton marry turned out to be one of the greatest shows on earth.

She said: “It was absolutely brilliant and it was just something else to be there.

“If you put all the shows in the world together it would not be as good as that was.

“We also got down to see the kiss on the balcony and the day after went to Westminster Abbey to see all of the flowers which were beautiful.

“Everything on the day was so nice and people were so happy too.”