Scarborough Futurist loss, is Bridlington Spa's gain

Futurist is a sad loss to town.
Futurist is a sad loss to town.

I had a wry smile on my face when I read NB Waite’s correspondence in The Scarborough News recently, relating to the state of our lovely town – particularly the demise of the Futurist theatre. This person should be on the council.

I am lucky enough to remember all the other places that were mentioned.

I have just been to Bridlington Spa to see Blood Brothers, which apparently has had a very successful run.

This show has been to the Futurist on more than one occasion and it is sad the theatre is now a pile of rubble. No longer will we see the likes of Calendar Girls and Little Voice to name but a few.

Scarborough’s loss is Bridlington’s gain.

It is a shame that the council didn’t see a good thing when it was (literally) right under its nose.

Barbara Fawcett

Beechville Avenue