Scarborough votes to leave in EU referendum

Scarborough votes to leave
Scarborough votes to leave

The voters of Scarborough borough overwhelmingly voted for in favour of leaving the European Union.

With the national picture still too close to call the people of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey sent a strong message that they want out of the EU.

The count at the Filey Road Sports Centre

The count at the Filey Road Sports Centre

When the votes were counted 62 per cent (37,512) went with Leave, with Remain getting 22,999.

The turnout was 73.03 per cent with 60,539 votes cast.

Scarborough and Whitby's Conservative MP Robert Goodwill came out in favour of Remain but his constituents were behind him this time.

Earlier in the night he predicted that a huge remain vote in London would secure a victory against leaving the EU.

However, the MP was not around to hear his own voters' rejection Britain's membership of the European Union.

Scarborough Borough Council's UKIP leader, Cllr Sam Cross, said: "This looks like a fantastic result this is for the ordinary folk.

"UKIP hascampaigned long and hard for this referendum to leave the EU and tonight has shown how out of touch Robert Goodwill is and what a mess the so-called Labour Party is in."