Skills in demand after TV appearance

FILEY Museum volunteer Margaret Taylor is finding her knitting skills in more demand than ever since her appearance on the BBC's 'Great British Railway Journeys'.

Mrs Taylor, who is one of few remaining knitters of authentic fishermen's guernseys, said she had received several requests from TV viewers who had seen her interview with Michael Portillo.

She chose to be filmed in the museum in Queen Street while working on a special jumper for her husband Graham and explained the significance of the different patterns.

She said: "I enjoyed doing the interview. I found Mr Portillo very easy to talk to, and he knew what he was talking about.

"Since the programme was shown, I've had a few phone calls asking for one of my catalogues! I just had one message from a lady in Birmingham."

However, as she told Mr Portillo, she does not take commercial orders as it takes too long and is too expensive. It takes about 100 hours to knit a guernsey – and gansey – and the cost of the wool alone is about 50.

"If anyone wants to see me knitting a guernsey, they'll have to come to the museum while I'm on duty," she added.

As she explained on the programme, Mrs Taylor comes from a long line of Filey fishing folk, and can follow her family tree back to the late 1790s.