Snow storm: Why is the arrival of Storm Emma so worrying? when will it get here? and what does it mean for Yorkshire?

Storm Emma will collide with the Beast from the East over the coming 24 hours, bringing more snow, high winds and freezing temperatures to Britain.
Storm Emma will collide with the Beast from the East over the coming 24 hours, bringing more snow, high winds and freezing temperatures to Britain.

Parts of England and Wales have now been placed under red alert by the Met Office for today and tomorrow as Storm Emma makes its way on a collision course with the Beast from the East.

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Some parts of Scotland were issued with the most severe 'Red' weather warning after the Beast from the East made its presence known this week, but now England has also been added to that list - the first time ever it has ever been handed the most severe of weather warnings.

The threat of Storm Emma, coming up from the south, colliding with the already severe Beast from the East storm has left the Met Office to take unprecedented action.

Red Warnings, which indicate a threat to life, are in place between 3pm today and 2am on Friday and has been issued for wind and snow in Weston-Super-Mare and Exeter. Cardiff and some parts of Scotland are also on red alert.

They are issued when it is highly likely that the weather will cause a high level of impact. This is the second red snow warning issued this week but only the third the Met Office has issued since the current warning system came into force in 2011.

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The Portuguese Met Office came up with the name Storm Emma.

The west coast of Portugal is currently being bombarded by high velocity winds which is having a domino effect on parts of the UK, such as Wales and Exeter.

Named by the Portuguese met service, will push up from the south through the day bringing heavy snow and strong winds. Gusts of over 60 mph will lead to blizzard conditions with severe drifting snow a significant risk.

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Storm Emma should hit these shores today (Thursday) and the Met Office have put out a red weather warning to highlight this.

The warning is in place between 3pm today and 2am on Friday and has been issued for wind and snow.

As Storm Emma makes its way north, it should start to affect the weather in Yorkshire from Friday morning.


After hitting today, Storm Emma is expected to cause snow drifts in the South of the UK due to the high winds created and move north up the country toward Yorkshire.

Extremely heavy snow is possible with some forecasts indicating there could be falls of 50cms on high ground in rural aeras.

There is a risk this snow could move in more quickly affecting central and southern England too from mid-afternoon.

Further bands of snow, heavy in places, are likely to spread north across parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland during Friday.

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Through Friday evening ice may form on untreated road and pavements, particularly across southern England and parts of South Wales.

Delays and cancellations to public transport are possible, as are delays to travel on roads; some stranding of vehicles and passengers could also occur. Some rural communities could become cut off. Interruptions to power supplies and mobile phone coverage are also possible.

Winds of around 67mph have been forecast for the Welsh village of Capel Curig and icy patches could prove a hazard over the weekend.

Driving conditions are predicted to become difficult, particularly on untreated surfaces with an increased chance of injuries from slips and falls.

The effects will be evident right through the weekend.

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The Met Office is warning that it could feel as low as -12C in some areas, such as Cardiff, on Friday due to the windchill factor.

But as Storm Emma comes into full force, temperatures will rise and are expected to hit the balmy heights of 6/7C on Sunday and Monday in North Wales.


It seems that the gloves and scarves can stay out for the rest of the week.

As the weekend approaches, it will become slightly warmer, but some snow and ice is still expected.