Steve Kittrick: Danny will be missed

Steve Kittrick's view
Steve Kittrick's view

Football in Yorkshire suffered a huge loss this week.

Danny Wilkinson’s passing away during the game between Shaw Lane and Brighouse was shocking.
I didn’t know the young man, but I do know Shaw Lane’s manager Craig Elliott because he used to play for me.
Craig said it was the most devastating thing he had seen in his life, you just don’t expect any young man to die in front of you.
As a manager, seeing something like that must be your worst nightmare.
He is a former Scarborough Athletic player, everyone from this club sends their deepest sympathies to his family at this time.
Paul Beesley has left the club this week to take over as player-manager of Harrogate Railway.
It is a blow to us because Paul is obviously a good player and a good lad, but you can’t stand in somebody’s way when they have an offer like that.
Paul rang me and told me the situation. He is 33 and he has had ambitions of this kind of thing for a while. He also live in Harrogate, so it makes sense.
I told him that his phone bill will double, he’ll have endless sleepless nights and his hair will all go grey or fall out, but that didn’t put him off.
He is a well-liked character in football and I’m sure he’ll do well on the management side of things.
We have to move on from this and continue to push on as a club after last weekend’s 4-1 win against Prescot Cables.
If we are serious about doing well this season then we need to get ourselves on a roll and get some good results in the bag.
As I have said before, we are looking at two points from every game and if we can continue winning our home games then it takes the pressure off a little on the road.
You can get games that kill your season and games that can kick-start a season, hopeully last Saturday’s win was one that will help us push on.
It is important that we follow it up at Radcliffe on Saturday though.
We had a chat as a group before the game last weekend and changed the shape, which worked for us.
We told Benny that we wanted him to replicate his performance against Harrogate Town in pre-season, and he did just that.
We also saw Adam Bolder get on the ball in the areas that we want him to. His signatures are that slide-rule pass or the measured long ball, we saw plenty of that against Prescot.
We have lads moving towards fitness all the time as well, so things are beginning to look a lot more promising.