Still waiting for a response from council

Waiting for council reply.
Waiting for council reply.

I read with interest your article from The Scarborough News (June 21) concerning parking bays on Hovingham Drive. The quote from the Scarborough councillor saying they would consult with residents regarding this matter brought a wry smile to my face.

I sent an email to the Highways Department of the council on May 20, requesting a white bar line across our drive. Not having had an acknowledgement or reply I sent a hard copy of this email with a covering letter on June 2, and I’m still waiting for a reply, or even an acknowledgement.

We live at the start to Hovingham Drive, which doesn’t normally cause a problem for the buses but the drive to our garage is, on occasion, partially blocked by cars, which makes it difficult and hazardous to enter onto Hovingham Drive, especially if the culprit is a 4x4 user.

I voted for this councillor because his election leaflet said he was going to do something about the inconsiderate parking by some drivers. I hope my vote was not in vain.

M Birchall

Hovingham Drive, Scarborough