Sue's flushed with shop success

WHILE other businesses may go down the pan, Sue Broadbent, of Hunmanby, is flushed with pride at the success of her new venture.

The home and garden accessory shop is barely recognisable as the village's former public toilet – and customers are spending more than a penny.

Mrs Broadbent, whose family run two similar shops in Skipton and Otley, said: "It's been smashing – better than I anticipated. We've had locals, not just visitors, and we've delivered to a lot of places in the area.

"I've had some lovely comments from people who say I've opened up the top of the village. People stop outside and say I've made a big difference."

Mrs Broadbent attributes her success to stocking things that are "a bit unusual", from imaginative antiques to stylish garden furniture imported from Holland. She has also opened up a small back yard display area.

Regular customer Freda Scott, of Doncaster, said: "We've got a caravan on Primrose Valley, and as soon as I saw this place I thought it was my kind of shop."

Mrs Broadbent said she still got asked by a lot of people where they could use a toilet, but is happy to direct them to another business – with their permission, of course.