The Leave vote: "We could become GREAT Britain again"


Business leaders in Scarborough have reacted to the Leave vote - with one saying that the country could become GREAT Britain again.

Peter Wilkinson, Scarborough businessman and founder of the University Technical College opening at Weaponness in September, said: "Whilst this may not be the result I wanted, the UK has voted to exit, to that end it is therefore imperative that our political leaders manage that transition as smoothly as possible.

"The road ahead in the short term will without doubt be a nervy time for the UK's business leaders so we will need to be assurance that the Government are completely focused on maintaining stability whilst in the longer term a new and wider relationship with our friends in Europe is created.

"UK businesses are well respected throughout both Europe and the world and therefore I believe we will be a stronger nation in due course as we negotiate new terms with world leaders, the EU will continue to be our biggest market and personally I don't see that changing..

"The biggest disappointment is that David Cameron, one of the finest Prime Ministers in the UK's history, will not be leading our exit."

Simon Bull, of the Scarborough-based Castle Group, said: "One thing is for sure, the British people have stood up to be counted.

"Although most people (me included) might be fearful of the short-term economic climate, and possible threat to business stability, we voted out anyway – quite a ‘British’ thing to do if you think about it.

Clearly there is a mood that we do not want to be pushed around any more by the political elite and, that enough is enough. Perhaps, finally we are coming to the notion that we can be GREAT Britain again."

Mr Bull added: "David Cameron’s departure is an inevitable consequence of getting it wrong in politics in such a big way. He underestimated the people and is paying the price.

"I know I voted out, but I did so with some amount of feat and trepidation about what the next couple of years might hold. I certainly didn’t vote to be against David Cameron, in fact, it troubled me that he was making a monumental mistake and that he actually believed he was doing the right thing!

"However you voted though, you should see this as a good day for democracy – since when was it ever a bad idea to shake things up a bit? Long term, I have no doubt that this will put the UK back on the world stage as a global trading power and I’m quite sure the EU will be right at the front of the queue for some form of trade agreement, partnership or even a continuation of the Free Trade Arrangement.

"Now let’s see what happens to the rest of Europe. I deal with a number of people across the continent and most of them have been desperate to see us vote out. Not because they want rid of us, as they are always quick to reassure, but because they also want out.

"I have heard this in Greece, Italy, France and Germany – everywhere, in fact, that I have had dealings with business people. It would seem that many people believe the EU is no good for any European people, never mind the UK. I think they may have a point."

Richard Frank, managing director of Scarborough's Crown Spa Hotel, said: "Having travelled extensively through France and especially Spain, and talked to fellow semi-retired/retired winter travellers the result has come as no surprise.

"I met the local Bank of England representative Juliette Healey earlier this week, who was in no doubt that the Remain camp would win which made me doubt my thinking.

"However I feel that Lord Bamford’s (chairman of JCB) comment that - in 1973 when we joined as its eighth member, the EU accounted for 31 per cent of world economic output; and today – with 28 member countries – the figure is just 17 per cent which underlines the shrinking role of the EU in the world economy.

"That underlines the very poor economic condition of the EU.

"For me the markets will bounce back once the uncertainties have passed, because the UK economy is still the fifth strongest in the world."