Toilet block could be demolished

HUNMANBY'S disused toilet block could be gone by the end of the summer, it has been revealed by Scarborough Council.

Head of technical services John Riby told this week’s annual parish meeting the council’s estates department would be marketing the site for the next two to three months, but if no-one came forward with an interest in buying it for development, it would be demolished.

Hertford ward councillor and the borough’s portfolio holder for finance, Cllr David Chambers, said he had taken a personal interest in the issue, which parish councillors have been waiting to see resolved for more than six months.

Many residents wanted the toilets to stay open, but when a public meeting was held by the parish council last year, it was decided that not enough people were prepared to pay for them as part of their precept.

As part of an earlier round of cost-cutting, Scarborough Council controversially decided to close the toilets, which were the only public conveniences in the village.

Vice-chairman of the parish council, Cllr Karen Hubbard, said there was concern about the deterioration of the building. Vandals also struck on the only day the block was re-opened for an inspection.

Cllr Eddie Flory said if charges were introduced for parking on Cross Hill, the revenue could be used to pay for the maintenance of the toilets. But he was told that most people simply wanted the building knocked down rather than face another delay as it had been an eyesore for long enough.

Mr Riby said if the toilets were demolished – which would be at the expense of Scarborough Council – the land would be offered to the parish council for suitable landscaping.