Tragic death of young diabetic

A FILEY woman died after suffering a diabetic fit in her sleep, an inquest heard.

Hayley Boulton, 23, died in the early hours of the morning on March 15 after she suffered a fit, which caused her to choke on food she had eaten earlier that night.

During her inquest at Scarborough County Court, coroner Michael Oakley heard how Miss Boulton had suffered from Type 1 diabetes for nearly seven years.

Her inquest was attended by her mother, her two brothers, her boyfriend and a friend, who later paid tribute to the “bubbly” girl.

They said: “She was a real character, who was well known and well loved. She had a big personality and is missed by many.”

Her mother Karen Phillips added: “Hayley was my very loving and bubbly, funny and quick witted little bird.

“She is greatly missed by all her family and friends.”

The inquest heard how Miss Boulton, who lived in a caravan in Primrose Valley, had a history of suffering hypoglycemic attacks.

A statement from her GP described how she had suffered collapses in the past, while the paramedic who was called the night she died, said he recognised her from two previous incidents.

Miss Boulton’s boyfriend Bradley Harrison gave evidence at the inquest, and confirmed that she “wasn’t very good” at checking her blood sugar levels.

When asked by the coroner to describe what happened the night she died, Mr Harrison said: “Earlier on that night we had tea at a friends house.

“Around 11.30pm we were both in bed watching television.

“She checked her sugar levels and she was low. I said I would make her a cup of tea and a sarnie but she didn’t want it. She said she would be all right and that she just wanted to go to sleep.

“I wanted to make her one but she said she wouldn’t eat it.

“She fell asleep. After a while she became a bit fidgety but that was normal. I stroked her head and calmed her down and she was fine.

“About an hour later she did it again so I stayed up and watched over her.

“She then started to gip. I rolled her on her side and she was sick and started fitting.

“I rang an ambulance and followed the instructions they gave me on the phone.”

The inquest also heard from Dr David Morgan, a consultant pathologist at Scarborough Hospital, who carried out the post-mortem.

He confirmed Miss Boulton had traces of food in her lungs, and that the diabetic fit had caused her to choke on food she had previously eaten that night.”

Recording a verdict of accident death Mr Oakley said: “It is clear that she did suffer from Type 1 diabetes which was capable of control, but it is clear that she did not always keep it under control and there have been a number of incidents as a result.

“On the evening in question we have heard that she had gone to bed. She has clearly suffered a hypoglycemic attack during which she has choked on food.

“That was the primary cause of death the choking on food as a result of the fit.”

Miss Boulton was a trainee carer, and a past pupil of Yorkshire Coast College and Filey School.