Demand for more buses as cuts bite

MORE than 120 residents in Speeton have signed a petition calling for more bus services to be routed through their village - even as cuts take effect from next month.

At the moment, the village only gets four buses a day - two to Hull and two to Scarborough - on the hourly 121 service. The next closest stop is at the Dotteril in Reighton.

Hertford ward councillor Godfrey Allanson presented the petition to representatives of North Yorkshire County Council and East Yorkshire Motor Services at Thursday’s meeting of Scarborough Council’s transport forum, which he chairs.

He said: “I urged them to consider this as they might have cut subsidies to evening services but they’re still considering daytime services, and I’ve asked EYMS to squeeze it into their existing timetable. We’ve got to push for it, because things will change and we need to keep pressing for the future.”

Fellow ward councillor Nick Harvey, who has raised the Speeton issue before, has also warned of the likelihood of more bus cuts on top of the cutbacks already due.

EYMS has so far cancelled an additional 14 services on the number 3 route in Scarborough, while the 121 will be losing two more Sunday evening services between Hunmanby and Scarborough which were accidentally left off the list for consultation. From April, there will be no evening service between Monday and Saturday.

Cllr Harvey said: “What is concerning is that already bus operators are starting to give notice that commercial daytime services are to axed, and this is before the savage April cutbacks start and the true impact on usage of daytime services is felt. With evening services all but disappearing in the borough, the outward journey may not be made by bus as there is no longer a return service.”