Turbine plan puts wind up campaigners

070741a    in Filey Drop Folder. Reighton Nurseries.
070741a in Filey Drop Folder. Reighton Nurseries.

An application to build a 100ft turbine at a garden centre has planted seeds of discontent among wind activists, who want the plans thrown out.

Hallmark Power Limited have submitted plans to install a mast at Reighton Nurseries, in Hunmanby Road.

The company has submitted a planning application to Scarborough Council to erect a single wind mast adjacent to the site.

The mast would just be used to generate power for the national grid, with the company planning to rent the land from the nursery – however, the application has put the wind up prominent anti-wind campaigner David Hinde.

He has lodged an official objection to the application, adding that he is “sad” to see yet another wind farm application put before the authority.

In his objection, which can be seen on Scarborough Council’s planning portal, he claims the applicant has “seriously understated” the detrimental visual impact of the proposed mast.

He also claims that the mast would affect views from Filey, and urges the applicant to consider solar panels as an alternative.

The Mercury contacted Reighton Nurseries to see if they would like to comment. However, they declined.

The comments have been made as part of an ongoing public consultation, which ends tomorrow.

The main concern raised by opponents of the turbine is the photomontages submitted. Opponents of the plans claim the montages are “basic” and Bempton resident Alan Mclean added: “The montages require the viewer to do all the work of reading the photo and the diagram together to try and imagine the turbine’s visual element.

“The applicants seem to be trying to have their cake and eat it.

“The visual impact (both singly and cumulatively) is constantly downplayed whilst under social and economic context we are told that the turbine will act as a landmark.

“An invisible landmark.”

A final decision will be made by Scarborough Council by April 9.