Turbines plan gets approval

PLANS for two wind turbines at a Hunmanby farm have been approved.

The two 11KW Gaia turbines will be erected at Stockendale Farm, in Malton Road, after Scarborough Council planning officials backed the proposals.

The turbines, which will stand on 18 metre masts and have a blade diameter of 13 metres, have each been estimated to create more than 39,000KWh of power a year.

A report from power generation company Segen said: “This development will generate electricity that will be supplied to the national grid providing benefits to the wider community by providing renewable energy and offsetting carbon emissions.

“The revenue generated from the sale of this renewable energy will help to diversify the income and maintain the viability of the farm as a working arable farm.”

Jill Low, the authority’s Planning Manager, said: “The landscape and visual effects of particular renewable energy developments will vary according to the type of development and landscape setting.

“Whilst just visible from distant viewpoints and unrelated to existing trees or buildings, the proposals are not considered to have a significant impact upon the landscape.”