UFOs: Filey man encouraged by conference

FILEY-BASED UFO investigator Russ Kellett says he has had a good response to the first ever UFO conference which will be held in Scarborough later this month.

New evidence about the Silpho Saucer event in the 1950s and video footage of an unidentified flying object are two of the highlights of the event organised by Mr Kellett.

Alien enthusiasts from across the country are expected to flock to the Spa Complex to hear talks from a number of experts from as far afield as the United States and Europe.

The news follows several sightings in the Scarborough area at the end of last month and Mr Kellett said it was still a popular area for UFO reports.

“It must be the sea air and the fish and chips,” he said.

Harry Challenger, the editor of the Flying Saucer Review magazine, will be the opening speaker and he will unveil new evidence about the notorious Silpho Saucer which was allegedly discovered on moors near the village in November 1957.

Mr Kellett said: “He will talk about his time with the magazine and some of the success that they have had over the years. He will also talk a little bit about the Silpho Saucer and has some new information.

“There was something very odd about it, if it was a hoax, the metal it was made from was crystalline – not the normal structure.”

The saucer-shaped object was discovered on November 21, 1957, between the villages of Silpho and Hackness and measured 18 inches in diameter and weighed 35lb.

When it was opened there were 17 thin copper sheets, covered in strange hieroglyphics, and news of the find was reported in the Scarborough Evening News on December 9, when the headline proclaimed: “Scarborough has had a flying saucer – A real copper-bottomed one”.

Rumours circulated of armed strangers combing the moors, offers of large amounts of cash, and messages thrown from passing cars.

Mr Kellett said he would be speaking at the conference on both days and would relate his experiences of alien contact which led directly to his involvement in the investigation of unexplained phenomena.

“I’m going to be presenting some of the most compelling video footage that has been seen – if a picture speaks a thousand words, then a moving picture speaks 10,000 words,” he said.

He added that the footage would include that of an unidentified object at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, earlier this year. He said: “We’ve looked at all the possibilities, including vehicles and tractors, and I’m still baffled by it – it was there and then it disappeared.”

Other speakers will include Glen Steckling, the head of the American-based Adamski Foundation, an abduction agony aunt, an animal mutilation expert and Win Keech, who will show footage of the formation of a crop circle in Wiltshire, possibly the only recorded evidence of such an event.

Mr Kellett said he was pleased with the response from interested members of the public and added that he was hoping to stage a larger UFO festival in the area next year.

l The conference will be held in the Spa’s promenade and mezzanine bar on Thursday, October 29, and Friday, October 30 between 6pm and 11pm on both days.