UFOs? Strange lights in the sky

UNEXPLAINED bright lights and objects have been seen in the skies above Filey, Muston and Hunmanby, prompting excitement among UFO spotters.

A spate of reports have mentioned bright orange lights – and even flying saucers.

A handyman from Ash Road, in Filey said it was “the strangest thing I’ve ever seen” when he, his wife and their neighbours saw an orange light in the sky shortly after 9pm last Saturday.

He said: “It looked like a ball of fire coming over the top of house from a Scarborough direction, travelling at a fair old speed.

“It was very strange, because it was twilight and there were no stars out. It’s what I’d have expected a meteorite to look like, but there was no trail or sparks coming off it. We were all very taken aback.”

Earlier this month, holidaymaker Barry Liles reported a large white object about 50ft above the ground in Muston.

The 60 year old, who was travelling by taxi back to his touring caravan in the village, said the object had two bright lights and he estimated it was about two and a half times the size of an average caravan.

“We wound the window down, but there was no noise,” he said.

“It was above the roofs of the buildings there. There were two lights, red and amber, and they were shining quite brightly.

“We were a bit surprised. It looked flat and made of white shiny plastic. It stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, but it was probably only seconds.”

The sighting was at 11pm on Tuesday August 4.

UFO investigator Russ Kellett, of Filey, said he had received a lot of reports lately – the most recent from a woman who lives in Hunmanby.

He said: “On Sunday night at about 11pm she said she saw three orange lights in formation and a red light that seemed to be following behind.

“They came over near Hunmanby then went out across Primrose Valley and when they got out there they went north up the coast.”

He said the same woman claimed to have seen a “flying saucer” land in a field near her home about three weeks ago. “She said it had a lot of fairy lights round it in all different colours.”

Mr Kellett said there had been “that much going on”, and although he had been unable to get out much himself, experienced sky-watchers knew the difference between unexplained objects and conventional aircraft or satellites.

Other recent reports came from Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough, Scarborough’s South Bay, the A165 and Filey Country Park.

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