Who is backing dubious Cinder Track proposals?

The old Scarborough to Whitby railway line.
The old Scarborough to Whitby railway line.

Having just read your article ‘Backing for the 3.5 m transformation of old railway line’ Scarborough News, Thursday September 27.

I would like to know who apart from the bicycle lobbyists are backing these highly dubious proposals.

Twelve months ago the public made clear their displeasure about any intention to develop this local amenity and footpath into a primary route for cyclists.

In spite of the reported consultations these new proposals seem little more than a distraction from the real issues previously raised by favouring needs of cyclists above those of other users. As a regular pedestrian user of this treasured amenity I wonder about the convenience of ‘passing places’, with those on foot having to do all the dodging.

It seems like another case of the council pushing through deeply unpopular schemes with their mantra ‘the status quo is not an option’. Is this just another way of dismissing dissent and pushing through a deeply unpopular scheme in a different disguise?

Miss Jayne Ann Strutt

Scalby Road, Scarborough