Work starts on village’s youth centre

WORK on a long awaited youth centre in Hunmanby has finally started.

Builders have moved in to begin the process of turning the former boiler house at Hunmanby Community Centre into the much sought after facility.

Workers have so far gutted out the building, which has included the removal of a huge boiler.

There was also some good news as contractors revealed no blue asbestos was found on the site.

Cllr Liz Mullin has been campaigning to have the centre built for years, and said the work, which was delayed by two days, is “going great guns.”

She said: “Everything is looking really great, you might not think to look at it now, but this is going to be a big benefit to the community.

“There’s not going to be loads of space inside, but every part of it is going to be used to its full potential.”

The project has been under discussion for more than five years, with cllr Mullin and cllr Lavinia Kirk spearheading the campaign.

It was given the green light at the start of September, largely thanks to a £25,000 donation earlier this year from Hunprenco chairman Eddie Neesom, and cllr Mullin said discussions had taken place about the possibility of naming the centre after him.