Worries on new library proposals

COUNCILLORS in Hunmanby have given a tentative backing to plans to bolster the village’s library.

Officials were requested to formally reveal their support for the Stonegate-based library, which campaigners want to turn into a multi-facility resource centre.

However, cllr Helen Gorton told a parish council meeting she was worried the village’s community centre may suffer if facilities are increased in the library.

She said: “I do have some reservations about the knock-on effects and this building is always looking for extra revenue.

“It is about what would potentially come to this building in the future which wouldn’t if it went next door.

“I’m concerned we are going to have two competing areas and our priority has got to be for the community centre.”

Cllr Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff added: “Anything that cannibalises this building is not acceptable and we cannot work with anything that damages it.”

The continuing focus on the facility comes as a key piece of legislation draws to a close on the future of libraries.

An injunction, imposed by a judge in Somerset, which stopped any closures and redundancies in facilities across the county, ends later this month.

Cllr Nick Harvey, who has fought for the retention of Hunmanby Library said he was buoyed by the move, but criticised the county council for diluting the library’s potential use.

He said: “It is really positive that the judge has stopped Somerset in its tracks.

“It means the officials at the top cannot just steamroller their way through and make the decisions.

“There is a big responsibility on volunteers in Hunmanby already.

“I’m also disappointed with the county council’s adult education department.

“We should be putting the adult education in the library, not bringing a big truck into the village for the courses.”