Worries over winter routes

A DECISION to grit a minor Folkton road during the winter period could leave motorists on a slippery slope, according to one councillor.

Cllr Nick Harvey has questioned North Yorkshire County Council’s move to place the road between Folkton and Cayton Carrs as a high priority route for clearing snow and ice.

Cllr Harvey, who represents the Hertford ward, said he was confused by the decision, as the road does not cater for a major bus service, has a weight limit and is not suitable for caravans.

He said: “ I have been supported by Muston Parish Council in this move, which follows repeated concerns last winter over delays and cancellations to the 121 bus as the road between Hunmanby and Muston was not passable.

“We had six weeks of daily snow and ice and it would freeze over.

“The bus company did a great job, but Heatherstay Hill really does need gritting and we really do need the Hunmanby to Muston road treated as a priority one gritting route, not the road over Cayton Carrs.

“If buses cannot get along the Hunmanby to Muston corridor because it hasn’t been gritted, it cuts off the village.”