Cricket has been relegated to the sidelines

Football coverage is no joy for cricket lovers.
Football coverage is no joy for cricket lovers.

As a child in the 1940s I was told that the major sports in England were cricket in summer and football in winter, however, that does not seem to be the case today.

Between the BBC and ITV they appear to be intent on televising every single match of the World Cup not only for the 90 minutes of play but usually a 30-minute build up prior to the kick-off and a panel of ‘experts’ giving us an after match summary for another 30 minutes.

Then when the news comes on the headlines will consist of the match results and highlights.

I bought my usual national daily last week and one particular day it had 14 pages of football plus a 24-page pull-out supplement. The previous day England’s cricket team had defeated the arch enemy, Australia, winning not only the match but the series and in the process knocking up the highest 50 over test score ever recorded. After 10 minutes of searching I found a one inch column recording the event.

I’m certain that if one of the major national dailies had a maximum of one page of football they would double their daily circulation.

Then to add insult to injury the BBC will give their undivided attention to Wimbledon, so any cricket followers will have to rely on Channel 5’s one hour of highlights.

Dennis Raisin

High Street