Letter: Bagged refuse left 15 days for gulls and foxes

Why has bagged rubbish not been collected?
Why has bagged rubbish not been collected?

Re Cayton Low Road Industrial Estate and the travellers:

Thornborough Road runs south from Cayton Low Road to the lake at the bottom, at the half way point a roundabout, to which the road Cayton approach runs west to A64 and east to a dead end. Two thirds of the way down Taylor Way runs west to A64.

The three roads in question are always occupied by travellers at the time of the Seamer Fair.

This year as always (2017) the area was vacated the day before the Seamer Fair.

All the rubbish left was placed in black bags and stacked neatly at the side of the roads for collection, with gates left open.

Two days later after the site had been vacated the gates were closed and locked.

The neatly bagged and stacked rubbish left where they were.

Now approximately 15 days later the gulls, crows, foxes etc have pulled the bags to pieces and the rubbish is littered all over the site.

The site of the Seamer Fair was cleared within 24 hours of rubbish.

Why not Thornborough Road? Now the job will be 10 times harder.

If you don’t want to clear the rubbish then put a skip there at the end of the road in future.

The cost to Scarborough Council (ie taxpayer) to clear the rubbish must be much higher than if it had been collected while the gates were open and the rubbish was bagged up.

T Baker

Spring Gardens