Letter: Boots staff get fit for charity

Picture memories.
Picture memories.

Re Nostalgia picture (Scarborough News, July 20):

I can give you the following information regarding the Boots picture. The event was to raise money for cancer, we collected a good sum of money.

Left to right, the three ‘get fit’ people are Chris Poole (he was a college student), Tracey Robinson, now Potter, she created the moves, Gillian Howard - Sun Shop assistant in the background, Mr Robinson (sadly died later) the assistant manager, and myself, supervisor.

We were collecting, along with a band of other staff.

We did the get fit display on the front of the shop, we attracted many onlookers, who gave generously.

You may get many comments as many of the retired staff will remember the event.

Pauline Everett

Candler Street