Letter: Extra travel cost and parking for patients

Parking charges for patients are a disgrace.
Parking charges for patients are a disgrace.

I had to visit the hospital at Scarborough, following a small stroke on Sunday, May 5.

I was referred to York General Hospital for 9am, we arrived at 8.45am.

After waiting for some time, I was informed no further tests could be done until 3pm that day, and that we could either wait or come back for 3pm.

We decided to go into York. On entering the car park we went to the pay machine only to find we were approximately five minutes over the hour so were charged for a second hour, ie £4.40.

On our return to York General Hospital at 2.45pm, the treatment took us just over the hour. Therefore, again we had to pay for two hours (£4.40).

As I did not ask to go to York, I take this as a complete disgrace.

I don’t mind paying my fair share for the hospital as NHS is in freefall, so how can this money for parking be justified to be taken away from the NHS and into private hands for them to make millions by overcharging for parking?

Please have some common sense and get the balance reversed.

And it is not just the parking charge – it is also the time and expense of getting to and from the hospital.

T Baker

Spring Gardens