Letter: Looking for my old friend

Trying to contact an old friend.
Trying to contact an old friend.

Having tried just about every avenue I’m hoping your newspaper may be able to help me find an old friend.

Her name is Allwyn Hatch (nee Langrick). From the little information I have, Allwyn lives in Scarborough but I don’t know her full address.

In my search for Allwyn I have now found she is a member of Goodreads.com. However, although leaving a message on the website, I’m doubtful of a response as Allwyn doesn’t appear to have used it since 2014.

We met in London when both attending a course with Shell in about 1955 and stayed friends for many years. I moved to Malton in about 1957 after attending Allwyn’s wedding and lived with her family for a year.

We stayed in contact for years – although not regularly - but were always able to pick up just where we left off even though we might not have spoken for some time. After all, isn’t that what friends do? However, I appear to have lost her details.

My husband and I left the UK two years ago to live near our family in New Zealand, but I love to keep in contact with all my friends in the UK – and Allwyn is a very special friend!

Allwyn is a very talented artist and it may be that someone in the arts and crafts fraternity may know her.

I can be contacted as below or by email at marioncrane@outlook.com. Thank you.

Marion Crane

(nee Fountain)

3 Glencoe Place

Nawton, Hamilton

New Zealand